How to take care of your car

car care



1. You should clean the inside and outside as well, of your car every month.

To keep your car clean is the same as keeping your room clean, the only thing is that everyone can see your car and estimate how clean or dirty you are. So, grab ArmorAll’s vacuum which is cheap but very good, and clean the inside of your car. Also, buy a bottle of car wash – Optimum and clean the outside of your car. With that you will make your car look as brand new.

An unclean car will sooner or later attract grime and dirt that can damage your exterior and interior, and possibly will not earn you any additional props from that person which you like.

2. You need to change your oil every 4,000 to 6,500 miles and use a brand which is reliable.

When it comes to oil – every car maker has some different things to say, but most experts will agree that it is very good to change it out often. Most cars work fine with synthetic oil such as Mobil 1 – if you are confused which you should use, and it is much easier to get your oil replaced at a shop instead of replacing it yourself.

So, make sure you check your oil every other month because your car requires oil in order to lubricate your engine and to stop detergents. Dirt will build up and sooner or later kill your engine, if your car does not have fresh oil, and that can cost you thousands of dollars and your happiness as well.

3. You need to check your tire pressure every month and rotate your tires every 6,500 miles.

car careYou should know that inaccurate tire pressure can lead to a lot of problems, such as instability, poor breaking, and flat tire and less gas mileage, so with a gauge, you need to check your tire pressure. You need to rotate your tires very often in order to ensure that they wear evenly, and to make sure that you get the most before you replace them.

The thing is that replacing your tires is going to cost anywhere from $300 to $800, and a tire pressure gauge and rotation cost you around $15 and $50. So, if your tires have to be rotated, just take them to auto body shop or a dealer.

4. Every 20,000 miles – you need to get your brake pads replaced.

If you don’t want that nasty grinding noise bring you an unpleasant worry – it is a smart idea to have your brakes checked regularly by a professional. Also, a big part of this are the brake pads, because they can resist loss of brake power at high temperatures and if it is needed they can be replaced by a mechanic.

Ignoring your brake pads eventually can lead you to your brake rotors failing, and lead you to a $250 to $500 replacement and in the worst case, an emergency which you do not want to deal with.

5. You need to make sure your mirrors are always good to go.

Remember that a good and clean set of rear and front view mirrors can save you from a lot of troubles on the road.